I love to experiment with new mediums. This exhibit covers a wide range of my styles. 

Guitar Pick Series

I have always been a huge live music fan. I also spearheaded a very large mosaic tile project for my children's school in Seattle in 2006. Combining a unique medium that had such a beautiful finish, guitar picks, with my knowledge of the mosaic process I made a wonderful connection between the two and this series was born. I was especially moved by the recent deaths of David Bowie and Prince, and felt that this was an especially wonderful way to honor them. I have chosen to portray the late rock legends who not only sang but also mastered the guitar as well. I also have ventured into other musicians/artists that have inspired me as well as the world around us. 

Frosting Art

I decided to play with Pop Art imagery and create a new texture-like finish that resembles frosting (yes like a cake!) with acrylic paint. We bake cakes when we celebrate. It puts us all in a good mood. However, cake never lasts, as we always manage to eat each scrumptious piece. This is what inspired me to create paintings that look just as delicious as baked goods topped with frosting, but are sexy and fun with familiar Pop Art iconic images-and they last!. 

Buddha Series

I have spent many years living and creating in Bali, Indonesia, which has allowed me to learn about the incredible Buddhist culture and meditation practices. meant to evoke a feeling of calm and centeredness, the meditation practices of Buddhism inspired me deeply and caused me to create this series that honors this part of me. 


My Story

Dominique grew up as the daughter of a painter in Santa Barbara and had her first solo exhibit at Cate School, a boarding school in Santa Barbara. She went on to attend Otis Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles and after took her painting and design  talents to the fashion industry. She created one of a kind silk screens and embroidery designs, while also creating textiles for mens and and womens clothing for her very own company. A company that was based out of Bali, Indonesia for 10 years. 

She later started her own painting business in Sun Valley, Idaho, where she worked as a trompe l'oeil artist and painter for Farmhouse Collection's furniture. 

Dominique transformed homes with her own mural designs and talent, while working alongside interior designers on canvas, walls, and custom furniture. 

During this period of time, as a clothing designer and mural artist, Dominique continued her work as a fine artist and had numerous exhibitions. 

She also headed up the student art program at Whitter Elementary School in Seattle, Washington for 5 years. Here, she taught art to elementary students and facilitated a school wide mosaic mural project. 

Since moving from Seattle, Dominique has resided in Marin County, California for nearly 10 years and has an in home studio. 

She has been painting on canvas throughout her life and is now exploring her talents with new mediums, which you can view throughout this website. Her work as been collected by art buyers in Bali, Indonesia, London, Sun Valley, Idaho, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.